Welcome to the KFS Newsletter, presented by Jonathan Macri

In 2017, with a simple video about the defensive stylings of one Ronald Delaine Baker, Knicks Film School was born.

At the time, KFS was merely a Twitter account run by Jeffery Bellone, who, ironically, now writes a newsletter about the Mets. From those humble beginnings, Knicks Film School has now become the preeminent team-centric brand in the NBA media landscape, and this Newsletter is its home base.

So what exactly is the Knicks Film School Newsletter? It’s a one-stop-shop for all your Knicks news, insight, analysis, film breakdowns and the occasional rumor, all coming to your inbox five days per week.

And who the heck am I? Simple: a lifelong Knicks fan who is also a lawyer-turned-educator-turned-blogger-turned-journalist, and I spend as much or more time analyzing, over-analyzing and creating content about the Knicks than you spend doing anything, including breathing. My content has been featured or referenced in the New York Times, Sports Illustrated (where I spent the 2019-20 season as a credentialed reporter covering Knicks games), MSG Network, WFAN, The Step Back and more podcasts than I can keep track of.

Through it all, I have never lost the thing that makes my content different from anyone else you’ll find: an undying passion for the Knicks, viewed through the prism of a legal mind that break things down to their most essential facets, but also knows how to convey those thoughts in an engaging way, like your favorite teacher growing up. What can I say…it might not be the most efficient use of several hundred thousand dollars’ worth of advanced degrees, but there’s nothing I’d rather be doing more.

And hopefully, nothing you enjoy reading more.

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by Jonathan Macri