Nice work Jeremy! Rock solid case and great use of the platform to educate folks on some beautiful Jewish traditions. Bottom line is the Pistons are terrible at building winners so why not hold on to that lottery ticket and make decisions as there is clarity on their pick conveying (or not)? Agree. Bogey is not a fit for where we are and are looking to go. I raise a glass to you but it ain’t gonna be Manischewitz!🍷#jewsgottaraisetheirwinegame

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Could not agree more Jeremy (Shana Tova). Why do reports think the Knicks MUST trade Fournier?

Yes, he’s unhappy with his PT. Play harder on defense and maybe you will get minutes. Guy can still shoot, is a decent passer and can sometimes be a lights out shooter. So if there is a good deal to be had, great, deal him. If not, take a seat on the bench Evan.

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Sh'na Tovah JC! Miss you! Happy 5784! FO made incremental team improvement on 3 and D signing DD. As Hart uplifted squad with tenacity & D, DD will doubly energize team on both ends. JHart easily fills PF minutes behind bad JuJu, no need for old BoBo. DD > Obi's 3 AND D... and he's a ginger! whoop whoop! #tradeeveryoneforgiannisespeciallyrandlenotbrunson

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Characteristically convincing, now let me try to be the devil's advocate.

It's true that a quick look at our offensive and defensive ratings from 2022-2023 leads one to the conclusion that adding an offense-first player like Bogey wouldn't make sense. I think that's an oversimplification though. As Macri pointed out many times during the season, we had something of a bizarro elite offense wherein we weren't particularly good at making shots (20th in eFG%) but nonetheless were able to score a lot by snagging so many extra possessions (2nd highest offensive rebounding rate rate) and not wasting possessions (5th lowest turnover rate).

Bogey would help *a lot* with the shotmaking issue (94th percentile points per shot attempt, .627 TS% on high usage last season). The playoffs will always come with sample size issues, but our offensive performance in them lends credence to the idea that the bizarro elite offense might not be sustainable in the playoffs. Our offensive rating was 13th out of the 16 non-play-in playoff teams. Even against Cleveland it was 111.1, which is pretty bad. We just stifled them defensively so it didn't matter.

We can talk about injuries to key players and underperformance from others, but it's not like no one else was dealing with these issues. Like it or not, there are reasons to believe the bizarro offense doesn't hold in the playoffs.

If we take that concern seriously, we should be looking to add high-level shotmakers. His age is definitely a concern, but it's also the only reason a shot-maker as good as Bogey *might* be available for a single, heavily protected first.

As for the rotation, no doubt it would present a big issue that would almost certainly need to be addressed sooner rather than later. I mean, the rotation is pretty crowded as is. That said, there's an argument to be made that Bogey is good enough to justify a "worry about that later" approach. He was 40th in offensive EPM this past season, which would've been good for third on the Knicks behind Randle and Brunson.

Now I know RJ Barrett can be a...sensitive subject among Knicks fans, but there's little doubt that *right now* Bogey is the more productive player. Is there not an argument for reducing RJ's minutes, maybe by a lot, to accommodate a player as offensively skilled as Bogey? If RJ takes a leap production wise and makes this a tougher call, great! That's a "problem" I'd love to have, and I think we could pretty easily recoup the value we gave up in this trade (one heavily protected first), or at least come close to doing so, in whatever consolidation trade we'd have to make to adjust to that.

The worst-case scenario is Bogey comes and immediately falls off a cliff production wise. At his age you can't rule that out. Again, that's why we're even talking about the possibility of adding him for a middling pick.

Thankfully Bogey's contract structure means the risk is pretty limited to just losing that pick, and I would argue the best-case scenario is...well, let's just say you can really dream on our playoff possibilities if we add another high-level shotmaker.

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Agreed - although the shooting would be wonderful. Knicks fans should want the Pistons to be better, so hopefully nobody, including NYK, takes on Bogey. I'd like more explanation with the Wiz pick - why is it looking so unlikely to convey?

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