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Talking about not coming out with enough effort. Very rarely did they fall into these "trap games." Sure they came closer than necessary at times but more times than not found a way. How many times was that said about last years team.

It makes me wonder if in a way by upgrading our talent the sacrifice we made wasnt so much on defense as was debated about in off season. But the sacrifice will be on the killer instinct. They'll still come out and play up to their competition like last Wednesday night and again probably these next two games.

Maybe though we should be prepared to see occasional "play down to their competition games" than we'll like. And with that being said I still wholly see this team as a playoff contender rather a play in contender. Just maybe we should pump the brakes on the fifty win predictions until we see some evidence of them bringing that old spirit back.

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Saw this trap game a million miles away. Here's the thing that scared me (and will be the inflection point for this team)...shooting a lot of 3's does not a championship team make. Steph Curry is not currently on the Knicks active roster. If the Knicks realize that shooting more 3's in the natural flow of a game (it is the best shot at the time and is the one that the offense created) then they will be successful. They do not have the talent to just launch 3's at all times. Quickley saying "we'll break that 3 record" made/makes me very nervous. Thibs will reign them back into better, natural game flow shot selection. I believe in the man.

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