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The way to prove if it's a suckers bet or not is to show your work.

What does the team look like next year in each scenario?

The difference between A,B and C is very possibly Suggs starting at PG next year or getting someone who might make the rotation in the second unit. How would I watch the NBA for the next decade knowing that he woulda, coulda, shoulda been a Knick and I chose to pass on that because taking this team to the playoffs one time was too irresistible?

I'm sorry but that's a drug addict in need of an intervention.

Heck yeah it's tempting! But we haven't been taken seriously & the good teams we surprised are playing with no off season while we're playing every possession like a playoff game.

We're also getting played as a team. Other teams know about this draft too. There's a reason half the east isn't trying to win when there are no fans in the seats.

Here's my work BTW

GSW gets Randle, Burks and Mitch in exchange for Wiseman, the Minn pick and Oubre. That gives them three guys ready for the playoffs now, two of which are legit starters, instead of a rookie and a draft pick next year or the year after.

Minn gets the Knicks unprotected 2022 1st in exchange for giving up the 2021 protections. 2 first round picks for one. They also aren’t playing well with Rubio and have him for 2 years at 17 per. Bad chemistry. The Knicks could also take him and send over Frank, DSJR, Bullock and Knox if a 2 for 1 isn’t enough.

NY gets James Wiseman and the 2021 unprotected Minn pick. It weakens the Knicks this year and strengthens the GSW meaning it increases the odds the Knicks get two lottery picks before you even look at the virtually guaranteed lottery pick from the Wolves. It also means that Dallas pick is higher and comes with more ping pong balls.

The Knicks are trading 3 core assets for 2 core assets in this deal (Mitch, Randle and the unprotected 2022 #1) While I would generally never do this and also never trade proven assets for risky assets I like this deal because A. Wiseman looks legit enough to bet on and he has a long term deal, B. Timeframes and C. because of the extras created via synergies.

Any one lottery ticket has poor odds but 3 lottery tickets changes that, especially when you have 3 real stars. They could end up with about half the ping pong balls, 3 lottery picks and 5 picks in the first 35 of one of the best drafts we’ve seen.

Next year

Mitch, Randle, RJ, Burks, Quickley, Bench Rivers, Johnson, Knox, Obi, Noel


Wiseman, Barnes, Kuminga, RJ, Suggs Bench Quickley, Rivers, Johnson, Knox Obi Maybe Noel & Rubio.

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