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Not to sound like you sounded on RJ not too long ago, but I am so out on Obi. He looks like 3 children piled on each others' shoulders dressed up like an adult. He looks like a tiny alien trying to operate a giant human body - without a training manual. He's literally the exact opposite of what we thought we drafted. At this rate, we just need to hope he comes back next season having worked on his body, his balance, his ball handling, his footwork, his post moves, his [trails off]

I will say this though. If you squint your eyes, turn your head to the side, and just imagine that we took Quickley at 8 and Obi at 25, everything looks just fine.

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I'm down for squinting ;)

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Does that currency spend anywhere besides your house? I sure don't see anyone else buying Elf as anything but a stubborn mistake.

I wonder if Quickley would have made it off the bench yet if injuries and monumental incompetence hadn't forced him onto the floor and if he hadn't looked like a HOF player almost every time out?

How do we laud Thibs for his coaching when he's the last one on the planet to see the obvious?

The better record is because we have better players with much better coaching and one key players playing for a contract but also playing with the perfect coach to develop him into a better player.

That isn't Thibs BTW and quite frankly Thibs is screwing up the good work done by the real heros while getting all of the credit from the media for everything.

When your offense gets more shots for Payton than Burks and RJ combined you don't know WTF you're doing. That's what the starters did for us in the first quarter and that's how Thibs has the team set up.

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