Not that it should be lost on anyone. Grimes is a second year player. Slowed somewhat by in juries. He is not close to a finished product.

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Can we play some basketball please … this got me hyped up. Great newsletter again!

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I love me some QGrimes and this is a masterful masturbation piece but I’m still not sure he’s an untouchable. I don’t see him as a superstar in this league. On a separate note I’m so glad Julius flopped at the 3pt contest. If he even made a showing he’d be heading non stop 3s the rest of the season. I love the extra 3pt volume but he’s the kinda guy that can fall in love with the shot and disregard the bullyball element of his game with which combine to make him a matchup nightmare. Man, gonna be a long wait til Friday!

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Feb 20, 2023·edited Feb 20, 2023

On Grimes...

What are his limits?

Among the young stars in the Association:

Others are faster;

A few jump higher;

Not many shoot better;

None are better defensively.

He works at his craft.

He's coachable.

And, he plays a team game.

With more experience and growth, the sky is the limit.

He fits what they are building in Westchester and at MSG.

Do you want him to be flashier, have a cool nickname, and have a social media entourage that sings his praises? Sorry...

He's a winner.

Let's be happy for who he is.

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Love it but man what an abrupt transition to the feature article lol i thought i forgot to read something

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Thanks for this insightful piece Jon, Tom, and KFS crew. Love watching Grimes play as well as reading such well-crafted writing. Enjoy your time off Jon!

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