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Frank doesn't have to play pg to have value and was always a 3 and d secondary ball handler in his ideal role. 5-5 from 3 to start the regular season and still looks an impact defender. I could almost argue that Frank ( if he really has improved to a 40% 3 point shooter) is a better fit with RJ and Randle than Quickley is because both hate it when they don't touch the ball every possession.

My opinion on the pg position last year was that whoever learned to shoot in the off season should play and whoever didn't shouldn't. Frank is the only one who looks like he took things to another level with his shot.

Payton looked like he couldn't throw the ball high enough to reach the basket from 3 in the preseason. Maybe he was hurting or overtired but if he came in that unprepared or if a few hours of practice Sat night made a difference there ate other issues.

I was super happy for him last night no matter what but until I see him play well against a defense that hasn't game planned to completely ignore him as a shooter I'm not going to be convinced. 50 points in the next 4 games might be enough to convince me if he plays well otherwise but he's not tradable and not really resignable so there isn't really a reason to play him unless there is an injury.

Preferred rotation of the day.

Frank, Burks, RJ, Randle & Mitch.

Quickley, Rivers, Knox, Obi & Noel.

Trade proposal du jour.

Harden & Tucker to Philly.

Harris, Curry and Bullock to Houston.

Gordon and Maxey to NY.

Knicks cut Payton with a full buyout & a side agreement to sign a minimum deal with the 76'ers.

Gordon's deal sucks but he can shoot when healthy and Maxey is a 1st round PG from KU.

The rockets save 20 mil plus tax. Harris makes 10 mil too much but Curry is 10 mil cheaper than Gordon. Philly can send then some picks.

Philly gets Harden while keeping Simmons.

I love how everyone on the team is showing progress! It's amazing how much you can improve if you simply drop a few stupid habits and repeat your most effective moves in their place.

Here's to making the playoffs and getting lottery picks from Dallas and the Clippers! A championship and the 1st and 5th picks in the draft are still within reach!

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