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People complaining about Rose make me sick. If there is anything the FO can do to IMPROVE the team, I want them to do it !!! This IMPROVED the dam team

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Trading for Rose will be acceptable if he's traded in short order.

If he's resigned the new front office is joke, no longer has any credibility and just isn't worth any more time.

It's sad that Knicks fans are left to dream about mortgaging the future for the possibility of a 9th or 10th seed being added.

An eternal rebuild gets cashed out months before a historic draft & in a season with no fans for Derrick fuckin Rose. It's a joke. A bad and insulting joke after crapping the bed here last time and then spitting in our face.

Thibs is a joke & sadly has gotten full faith because he's the first one the owner will allow to hold the players accountable & because the short offseason and his self centered coaching style means the Knicks can get a handful of early wins based on effort and burning out our best players. The idea that a team so desperate for shooting brings in someone who can't shoot to block rookie who can is basketballs version of trickle down economics. It doesn't work and at best it's pissing on our heads. It makes me sick.

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