Aug 25, 2020Liked by Jonathan Macri

One point about Oubre is what he brings to the team in the locker room. In DC he didn't seem to get along w/at least Wall if not many of the vets. In Phoenix I don't think it's just a coincidence that they were better once he went out with the injury. I don't think it can be dismissed that if he isn't playing well you can just bench or trade him. That could trigger bigger issues. Bullock on the other hand is cheaper, isn't a huge dropoff in skills-wise & potentially much better in the locker room. While trying to turn things around vets like Bullock are essential to maintaining a positive atmosphere & no team in the league needs that more than the Knicks. The value in that IMO, completely outweighs everything Oubre brings. In other words I'd pass on that deal as currently constructed.

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